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Dear Colleagues in Freight Transport,                                                                      

At the present time, Southern Africa faces many challenges in the achievement of efficiency in the overall freight transport and logistics systems of the region. Many of the challenges are systemic, arising from the structure of the transportation system and the ownership, involvement and interactions between private sector and government. A large amount of research has been done into many of the aspects that are causing the inefficiency in the overall freight transport and logistics system, but very little progress has been made in resolving the major problems that have been identified. It is clear that there is need for directed research to publish factual reports to enable engagement with the appropriate authorities in the region.


The Southern African Freight Transport Institute (SAFTI), formed in 2014, is an association of professionals involved in freight transport, for the purpose of promoting relevant research as a resource for debate, distribution of information and as a tool for logical decision making. The contribution of information by the professional membership, dissemination of research material, and publication of strategic recommendations will provide factual information for debate and action.  SAFTI will host a website on which it will be possible to access a broad range of the relevant data, and results of professional research in the freight transport field, in all modes.


The membership of SAFTI is drawn from a broad range of professionals in the countries of Southern Africa who are the decision makers and opinion formers in their particular fields. The institute is an association of individuals, not organisations and the focus is on the many factors that impact on the effectiveness of freight transport systems in the region. SAFTI will also provide a contact point for organisations seeking information or looking for professional research capability in the region and will provide a screened connection between those requiring research and information and professionals in their specific fields.


The focus of SAFTI will ensure that it is does not attempt to supplant any other effective organisations which may have interests in this field and will seek assistance and endorsement from other professional bodies and publications with similar aims.


It is intended that fees and charges will be kept to minimum in order to promote the usage of the services, facilities and capabilities of the institute. You are receiving this invitation to become a Member of SAFTI due to your known professional interest in improving the performance of the freight transport and logistics situation in the region.


More details of SAFTI and its operations can be found on the website at



Best Regards

Nick Porée

March 2020

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